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We prepare scenarios which are unique and guaranteeing emotions for your employees or customers during adventure events. Nothing motivates and integrates a group than well-prepared adventurous escapades in the middle of nowhere.

Contact us now, we will prepare something unique for your company.

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From going for a drive to extremely difficult rides in 4WD vehicles in wilderness, mountains and swamps. Off road activities depending on the implemented project are diligently included in the tourist values of the location on which we act. We are trying to create such a programme so as our Guests could see more and more and experience a great adventure. Depending on the needs and expectations of customers, we propose trails of various level of difficulty and duration time - from several hours to several days.


From the sunshine to shadow, from the shadow to the sunshine depending on the forestation of the bank, everything along with the rhythm of waves and crystal clear water. Buzzing of water, beautiful landscapes - it can be shortly described as the atmosphere during rafting by picturesque mountain rivers. Rafting with use is wonderful entertainment with adrenaline. Rafting is the dream possibility of checking your employees in unusual situations, as well as coordination, actions and cooperation of members of the crew.


Quad which is as fast as a bear, will ride you to the places where only some, adventure thirsty daredevils reach. You will fight any barrier on your way. The escapades are aimed at motivation, integration of the group and recognising their own capabilities. The participants move on their own under the supervision of instructors.



Sailing regattas is a great and reliable idea for integration. Sailing means spending time together - even in a small but comfortable space. This is necessity but also pleasure of combining powers, joint actions and knowing each other. During the cruise, people build relations naturally and voluntary. Joint challenges and possibilities of relax and rest in a beautiful scenery mean invaluable time of creating a loyal and effective team as well as establishing closer relations with business partners.


Course in your hands.

Silence of water is amazing. The vicinity intrigues by its mysteries. There is a river to be struggled with. We organise canoeing on rough waters as well as calmer ones. Participation in canoeing allows active resting in beautiful vicinity, silencing and gaining powers for further work. The event may be a great award for the contribution of developing the company.


Feel the taste of adventure, flight by glide and feel free like a bird. Experience the peculiarity of flying in the purest form - gliding. A glide is an aircraft not having its own drive. It is launched in the air, at the height of several hundred meters by a ground device called a launching winch. Before boarding, along with the pilot, you will familiarise with the structure, equipment of the glide, you will learn about the functions of rudders and safety principles during a flight. A glider flies using horizontal currents which are found in the surrounding masses of air. When you are at the level of several hundred meters over the earth, you will have the majestic phase of flight, silent trip in the air, full of amazing views.


Laser Paintball is a game stimulating the fighting field in which everybody can participate regardless of their age and abilities. Classical bullets are replaced by a secure wave of infrared emitted from the machine gun, sensors of hitting and software controlling the game and generating the statistics from the competition. Accuracy counts as well as speed and strategy!

This is a great idea for spending free time in the atmosphere of competition, team building or hunting for a birthday boy or bachelor.

How do we play?

We provide the strongest dosage of electromagnetic adrenaline. Players have a possibility of assuming various roles during the game (soldier, medic, sniper, commander, back-up) as well as play in accordance with different scenarios out of which a proper course is given to players at the end in form of a numeral report. The number of virtual lives or ammunition, kind of weapon, number of wounds, criteria for assigning points - these parameters are controlled by us.

Optical sights - collimators and telescopes in which a rifle is equipped with, provide realistic view of a military battle.


Basic benefits of paintball relies on the integration of all participants, by means of joint fulfilment of tasks as well as stimulating the spirit of fair competition.

Paintball is dedicated to everybody regardless of their gender and lifestyle.

Here, we have: intelligence and speed of thinking, decisiveness and determination not strength, speed or swiftness.

Paintball gives you a possibility of feeling something which is hard to define - you have to live it!


Ballooning is the time when dreams come true for many people and great adventure, for others it just a sake of curiosity. Ballooning is the guarantee for experiencing unforgettable moments, during which, the entire world stops, the landscape freezes and time is motionless.




Specially for you, we organise escapades on snow scooters in wilderness and unknown places of mountain ranges. Crossing distant roadless tracts is a real challenge and unforgettable adventure, full of emotions and adrenaline.




Amazing adventure for everybody who likes adrenaline at the level of the Niagara Falls. We cross a frozen river, drive down an icy ravine. When we reach the destination, we will make a bonfire and drink hot mead warming the body and mind.




Snow rackets give a possibility of reaching wilderness, not accessible to “unarmed” tourists. The escapades in the mountains on rackets, the flask full of tea with raspberry juice, unforgettable memories...




For the meeting of new adventures, sitting on a sheep skin in speedy sleighs. Merry songs, warming mead, aroma of local sweets will stay in your memory forever. Sleigh rides after dark are organised in amazing scenery of burning torches.